Welcome to my List of Artists Blog.

Welcome to my List of Artists Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to create a massive list of both historical, modern, and current artists and group them together by categories, dates, etc.  This will help me and ultimately you for various art critique purposes, educational materials, and brainstorming ideas.  I was going to do this as a sub-category over at my main blog, Jeffthomann.wordpress.com but thought a full blog for this might be best since a full blog lets me do more with tags and categories. Hope you enjoy this. It’s good to know more about art and always look at new art or even old art to keep ideas bouncing around in your head.

From time to time I might put more info or my ideas, thoughts, etc. in to the posts, but for the most part, at the beginning it’ll be simple names, dates, and links either to the artist’s website, main websites about them that I can find, or wikipedia entries about the artists. Yes, wikipedia does not have all entries on all artists around the world from all ages yet, but maybe using this blog you can help fix that little problem! 😉


About Jeff Thomann

part time artist trying to become full-time eventually...
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