Jim Burns

Jim Burns
(born April 1948)

Jim Burns is a bit of a science fiction book cover illustrator.

His Biography is over at http://www.alisoneldred.com/artistJimBurns.html

I Love his work. His paintings seem to make use of the bright and bold primary colors to draw attention but also to play a role in the composition that draws the eye to look around the composition of the painting. I am inspired by his use of color, and think that same palette choice is close to what I aim for in some of my own works, or will aim for more in the future.

His portraits are simple yet show a lot of realistic facial gestures that adds a lot to the character of the paintings and makes the portrayed individuals seem to be more then just subjects of a portrait painting. I’m not too keen on the central location of the main figures in some of his works, but that’s likely the publisher’s fault since many book illustration publishers seem to like that sort of placement of images on book covers so that the image does not overpower the text. However, I am glad to see that the image and text does integrate together nicely on the book covers, and that there is some thought being put in to working with the figure/space relations and picture framing elements to help with that integration.



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